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Hoping to rediscover your city in a new light, or explore Seattle's lakes and bays for the first time? Look no further! At the Agua Verde Paddle Club, we offer many different options to help you fall in love with our local waterways. Whether you're a seasoned watersports veteran, or brand new to paddling, we'll make sure you have everything you need to set out on your aquatic adventures. We offer hourly kayak & paddleboard rentals, various levels of paddling lessons, and even tours through your favorite parts of the city.

Explore Lake Union to see the famous Gas works park, quaint houseboats, and sweeping views of the city skyline, or paddle out to Lake Washington to spot the local flora and fauna while exploring the Union Bay nature preserves or winding through the hidden coves and water trails of the Arboretum.

Seattle's waterways are waiting for you, so come on down to the Agua Verde Paddle Club today!

Getting Here

We overlook Portage Bay the lower level at the water’s edge. To get to the Paddle Club from Boat Street, take the stairs by the park to the west (or on the right side) of the building. Find information on parking and more below.

  • Limited Free Parking – W 24 Lot, entry across street from Agua Verde this lot belongs to the University of Washington but is ours to use after 4 pm on weekdays and all times during weekends and holidays.

  • Street Parking – Along Boat St, up to 2 hours. Free on Sundays.

  • Pay Lots – Boat Street Marina Lot, up to 4 hours. Park here anytime. often best at busy times You can pay to park here for $2/hr for up to 4 hours.

  • 1200 NE Boat Street Lot – On the corner of Pacific and Boat Street, one block west of Agua Verde across the street from the bike shop

  • 1401 NE Boat Street Lot – Entrance is one block east of 15th Ave and Boat Street. Pay at the kiosk at entrance. THIS LOT IS CLOSEST TO THE PADDLE CLUB BEST FOR ALL ACCESS WITH TWO PARKING SPOTS.

  • By Bike – Use the Burke-Gilman trail. Go down Brooklyn Ave until you hit the waterfront. There is plenty of bike parking in front of Agua Verde.

  • Public Dock – The public dock for hand powered craft is located at the east end of Boat Street Marina next to the houseboats, opposite from the paddle club with load and unload zone. This is where to launch your own kayak to paddle with others renting.

The People of Portage Bay & Environs Before The Denny Party

It might be hard to imagine that one day not too long ago Native Americans were the only people living in and around the land we now know as Seattle. But evidence of human inhabitation in Puget Sound dates back at least 10,000 years — meaning Anglo-Europeans have only been part of the human story in these parts for the last 1% of the timeline.

Of course, that 1% (the most recent century and a half) has been a real doozy for the tribes that used to call the lands and waters in and around Seattle their home. The first waves of explorers, hunters, trappers and settlers brought smallpox and other diseases which native peoples had no immune defenses built up against. This silent and insidious threat must be one of the first manifestations of biological warfare, unintentional as it may have been.

Beyond disease, white settlers felt entitled to take over whatever lands they saw fit in this new “empty” landscape regardless of prior use by Native Americans for millennia. While white settlers’ appropriations of land and resources that was not theirs to take were egregious by any measure, their simultaneous respect for their predecessors shows up in the very naming of the city that was to come to be.