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Public Tours
Want to see the houseboat communities or the old shipyards of Lake Union and view the Seattle skyline from the water? Or paddle your way through the quiet backwaters of the Arboretum to get up close and personal with herons, beavers and eagles? Let one of our expert guides show you around Seattle’s wonderful inland waterways on a guided tour.

Maritime city tour: Venture westward under the bascule-type University Bridge (first opened 1919) into Lake Union proper, seeing how old and new Seattle collide. explore traces of Seattle's maritime and aeronautical history and enjoy the best views of downtown available. See what makes Seattle unique from the water side.

Wildlife tour: We go east, through the Montlake Cut, to find flora and fauna still flourishing in the city. The Arboretum, and Union Bay Natural Area offer opportunity's to spot beavers and shore birds, frogs and turtles, so many lily pads, and Seattle's official bird, the great blue heron.

Mornings are ideal for tours given fewer crowds, less boat traffic and calmer waters, tours are priced per person, with group sizes ranging from 4-12 people. We are offering public tours on the following dates (all public tours run 10 am - Noon, be there 15 minutes early)... Listed below are current times. Please include date and how many in your party

  • Monday June 27, July 4 and July 18
  • Thursday June 30, July 7 and July 14
  • Friday July 8, July 15, and July 29

$85.00 ea. Email ahead to sign up!

Please contact publictours@aguaverde.com