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Learn More About our Donations Program

The Agua Verde Paddle Club proudly supports our local non-profit organizations. If you have an event coming up in our 2020 season and would like to request a donation packet, please visit and complete our online request form. So that we can most effectively review and respond to your request, all donation requests must be submitted using our online form at: https://aguaverde.requestitem.com

Agua Verde receives many donation requests. We review and fulfill donations seasonally, between March 1st and October 31st.

During the months of November, December, January, and February, we don’t review new donation requests – so if you have an event during the winter, make sure to put your request in early!

We donate to non-profit organizations that promote sustainable, environmental, and humanitarian causes.


Donation Options

Our standard donation for fundraising events is:

  • A two (2) hour kayak package for up to two (2) people for Agua Verde Paddle Club
  • $30 gift certificate one time use redeemable for food and drinks at Agua Verde Cafe

All donations are approved online and requesters will be notified by email of their status. All donation packets are sent via USPS to the address provided by the requester.

Vouchers expire on the 31st of October of the year following the event. Paddle Club vouchers only valid on weekdays (excluding holidays). We can’t replace donation packets that are lost or stolen.

Thank you so much for your past donation requests! We’re honored to have been a part of so many local events and actions. It’s very important to us to to support charitable organizations in the Seattle area that promote sustainable, environmental, and humanitarian causes.

Where Our Donations Go

Thanks again to everyone who has allowed us to support their organizations over this past year:

  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Arboretum Foundation
  • University of Washington
  • Solid Ground
  • Cascade Harvest Coalition
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Northwest Fisheries Association
  • Camp Fire USA Central Puget Sound Council
  • Washington Water Trails Association
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Conservation Northwest
  • And many, many more